UV500 is our own product, which we developed for our private customers and it is intended for domestic use in the reservoars for drinking water. 

UV500 uses ultraviolet (UV) radiation for  elemination of microorganisms  and desinfection of  water. To produce the sufficient ultraviolet radiation, UV500 uses the quality germicidal lamps which efficiently convert electricity into ultraviolet radiation.


UV 500








Electric connection
Electric consumption
UV lamp lifespan
500 L / hour
230V / 50Hz
0,10 kW
16 000 hours


How does the germicidal (UV) lamp work?

UV lamp generates energy in the UV spectrum to destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses (microorganisms). Microorganisms include several distinct groups of disease causing germs (Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, Algae and Protozoa). The target of UV disinfection is the genetic material, nucleic acid. As the UV penetrates through the cell and is absorbed by the nucleic acids, a rearrangement of the genetic information occurs, interfering with the cell’s ability to reproduce. A cell that can not reproduce is considered dead; since it is unable to multiply to infectious numbers within a host.The maximum absorption of UV light by the nucleic acid, DNA, occurs at a wavelength of 260nm. The germicidal lamp emitting UV at 254nm is operating very close to the optimized wavelength for maximum absorption by nucleic acids.