When it comes to home water filtration, there are two alternative solutions for water treatment in your household:

  • point of use filtration

  • point of entry filtration

If you have wondered about the main differences between “point-of entry” and “point of use” water filters, then you have come to the right place. Understanding the main features and functionality of both types of systems is actually pretty simple, and it will give you a much better understanding about the type of home water purification filter that you need.

POINT OF ENTRY FILTRATION – Welcomes water into your entire home.

“Point of entry” systems are installed at the main water line where water first enters the home. This entry point is usually found in the garage or basement, and “Point of entry” systems are most commonly placed in front of the water heater to deliver purified hot and cold water to every tap in the home.

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POINT OF USE FILTRATION – Purified water only where you need it.

“Point of use” systems are installed at a single water connection, typically under the counter of a kitchen or bathroom sink. These lower capacity, smaller systems will filter water at the actual “point” where it is being used.

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